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We uphold the doctrine of ‘Total Quality Management’ in providing our housekeeping services. We have a team of highly trained, specialized and experienced personnel who have a knack for up keeping standard and ethics while on their jobs. Our staff will closely work according to the client requirements and maintain international standards in their performance. We are also advocates of pro-active environment-friendly practices while matching up to the client's expectations and beyond!

Cleaning can be a task and we realize you have numerous options when you consider procuring a Commercial Housekeeping service. We always flourishing to have you consider us to be the most flawlessly awesome in the business. Putting our employees through a rigorous training program we ensure each and every member of our cleaning team understand their pure role and relates to the overall performance of the team.

We offer services with high-quality standards, registered and authorized staff and the best housekeeping in Pune.

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Cleaning Services
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Corporates and Domestic premises have a need for glass-cleaning administrations as well, and we are putting forth such arrangements too. So now no compelling reason to stress over any stain on the external or internal glass of your window, since we are prepared to deal with them totally. We provide a range of equipment maintenance service for all your products. Securise believes in the safety of employees and clients. Following highest standards of safety on duty to the employees and clients.


Common household methods of cleanliness may turn out to be contemptible of eliminating dirt from every part of your love seats or couches. Our team of experts is all around prepared for such circumstances and conveys the ideal outcomes with shampooing, cleansing drying with a vacuum cleaner. Guaranteeing removal of old stains and ground-in dirt, our team assures you of totally zero harm to your furnishings. Appreciate lazing around on your perfect couch throughout the day with our housekeeping in Pune. Aside from cleaning the couches, we additionally give upholstery administrations.

We guarantee to make your couch/furniture resemble a new one. Reach us to get upholstery cleaning administrations in Pune. The lounge room is our centre point, and the love seat is the most utilized household item. With each individual from the family investing significant energy in the love seat, how can one keep it from getting filthy? All things considered, the main way you can keep your most loved upholstery clean in Pune is by cleaning it on numerous occasions. We will investigate a couple of tips and traps to battle couch stains and clean upholstery fuss-free in Pune. Cleaning Fabric Sofa/Upholstery in Pune


Securise maximizes financial, technical and environmental performance by maintaining systems and equipment. Helping in energy consumption and at the same time help in the maximization of product life span, with a team of professional technicians led by highly-qualified engineers, Securise provides proactive maintenance solutions, offers permanent in-house, manufacturers staff training and emergency management.

Providing complete all-round solutions by offering corrective and preventive operation and maintenance. Carrying out equipment repair, routine testing and spare parts supply. At the same time offering consultancy service, training and reports.

Securise provides the best housekeeping services in Pune and corporate housekeeping service in Pune.We are also provides security services and cleaning services in Pune.