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Glad to know you are interested in our services! Securise Services has spent years perfecting an efficient system that can be employed worldwide. We understand the dangers this world poses, and hence recognize the need for security. In addition to the budget cuts on regulations, we see a trend of growing businesses and homes without the necessary protection. That is why the need for security guards is on a rise. Highly vigilant and trained, security guards can tend to an emergency situation and lower the chances of damage due to late emergency response. In addition to that, security guards on rotating days and night shifts assure round the clock safety. Securise Services aims to be the leading name for providing security services for homes and business.

The following step will show you how our company functions and we will move on to further discussions on how to start your own security guard franchise. We have been recognised as the best security services in Pune.

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Globalisation has changed the pace and structure of corporate life. Security risks have become more and more complex. Many threats like organised crime, information security and terrorism making it difficult to manage peace in and around any organisations. Committed to secure your surroundings. Corporate Security Services Inc. by Securise, security service in Pune provides businesses, law firms, and government agencies with an “on-call” security team to resolve business security issues.


If you are a celebrity, artist, politician or a famous personality in any particular sector or looking out for personal protection and looking to hire a bodyguard, Securise offers the expertise and fit personals you can always trust. We are the most trusted and valued bodyguards and VIP protection service providers. We are also here to help our bodyguards by providing security training.

We are trained experts in private security; Securise provides the best security service in Pune, being able to provide staff for every type of needs for celebrities and executives which needs discreet operations by a team of trained professionals. We will work with you to provide close personal protection and develop an executive security plan incorporating bodyguards, surveillance, advanced planning.


Securitas gives customized security solutions to meet customer's particular needs during corporate events, entertainment programs, product launches, shows, sports events and some more. The security system is confined into external, internal and core security solutions dependent on the vulnerability to clean the venue/vehicles, resources and individuals. This is finished by concentrating on the basic phase of fastidious early arrangement followed by execution.

Intelligence to manage the gathering, Route and alternate route selection, intelligence on exit routes, Crowd control, media response and Coordination with government agencies and local law enforcement. Securise is been recognised as the best security service providers in Pune.


Securise, the best security agency in Pune are specialized service providers providing protection while transporting items and other jewellery. To provide a high level of protection necessary for different domains in the industry, Securise developed a network of active and retired offices from different sectors to provide escorts. Our security escort services offer our clients with centralized communications, issue resolution protocols and metrics. In this service, we provided on and around many college and university campuses to help ensure the safety of students and staff also.


Securise is a leading young and dynamic private and full guarding service provider company, provide Best Security Services and Security Guards Services. Many parts of the city becoming risky due to several bad elements of society, people and business find it difficult to operate and stand out to be quite challenging.

Our armed security guards are civilians people or ex-servicemen who have a permit to convey arms and are very much prepared to give assurance to individuals without risking people's, just as their life. We get harmony the brains of individuals, who need to travel without any fear, through our specialized armed guard services.


More and more women are going to work. This maintains a perfect balance in society. But when it comes to safety and security, any place cannot b considered to be safe. Hiring a good lady security guard is the best solution for this and maintains balance. Securise, best security services in Pune offers well- trained female security guard can provide security during travel, in cabs, at industry or anywhere you want. Your female staff will feel very safe wherein our well- trained lady securities will provide safety to your staff.

Securise Security Services Pune India, provides a wide range of services in women security guards, ladies searchers, ladies security officers, a female supervisor.


The businesses and industrial facilities are viewed as the helpless places with much costly machinery, hardware and equipment lying in and around them. Also, these spots have an expansive number of workers engaged with different tasks and observing them during entering and leaving the premises is a difficult task. The guests additionally visit these places and our Industrial security officer screens and guarantee their legitimacy without harming the individuality.

Industrial Security Services help you protect especially production processes and ICS control systems against harmful attacks.


All our bouncers are highly trained and immensely experienced to handle any crisis. All our offered Bouncer Security Service is widely demanded in different pubs, music places. Our hiring process includes some of the best background verification before we hire and deploy the best possible security personnel. Always wearing standard clothes to suit the aesthetic value of the premises and adding professionalism.


Specialized and well trained to meet any difficult situations providing armed escorts for ATM and Banks. Securise provides a secure and safe working environment that allows having a well-controlled environment during any operation going around the ATM. We have never had a customer invoke a consumer loyalty ensure due to our reliably high achievement demonstrable skill and exceedingly prepared officers.

SECURISE SERVICES provides Security Services for Banks. Our personnel are well-trained and proficient for every part of banks and ATM’s. Securise is a leader of all security agency in Pune providing housekeeping services and facility management services.