The importance of Verified Housekeeping Services

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Reference and verification check is an important and vital part of any recruitment process. Whether the candidate is directly interviewed by the company or whether there is an intermediate agency doing this for the end company. Background verification when selecting a new housekeeper is a very important task. A full CV, interview and trial can only give all such information. Speaking to any previous employers can give a deep insight into the housekeeper’s skill level, experience & personality. Make sure that such information and reference is obtained.

Listed down are the kind of references to be requested before keeping Housekeeping service.

Written references

A housekeeper must provide written references from the previous employers which gives a good start to the overall process. The fact that the earlier employers have made a good effort to write and provide reference is normally a good sign. It does not give full assurance but still makes sure that the history is quite good.

All written references must be verified. There are people out there who pretend to be good while actually they are not. If the written reference turns out to be false, you and your family could be in trouble. Make sure to ask for phone numbers & email addresses of the referees, so you can verify them individually.

If no written references are provided, it is necessary that they provide a phone number or an email address of a previous employer. Whenever time permits, looking at the referee’s right time to speak, make sureyou talk to them and get all the important information. Get general details about how the candidate was when they were working in the past. Make a list of questions and get a fair good idea of the person.

Character references

Character references are provided by personal contact of the candidate. This could be a family member, colleague or a friend. A character reference is never from any former employer. A character reference is a good indicator of personality but is sure to check it because it is could be a biased opinion of the candidate.

Consider on temporary and Long-term references

Quality of reference is important. There is a big difference between a reference from a temporary role, where the housekeeper possibly worked for a week and a long-term full-time role where the work tenure lasted for over a year or more.

Despite the fact that references for the present moment and temporary jobs could be valuable, ensure the candidate gives you the contact subtleties of the latest and long-haul employments. Are there no ongoing employment, or has each job been the present moment? Provided that this is true, make sure to inquire as to why. There may be an entirely conceivable clarification for this,yet it is vital to get clarity on this.

Housekeeping Verification

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